Calming Tinctures Ideas

A friend recommended taking some Skullcap tincture to help quiet the mind. I’ll be honest, this recommendation came over 6 months ago. I only recently decided to purchase the tincture. I’ve used it the last couple of days and I really like the calming I do receive from it. It’s not drowsy like Kava, but it does quiet the mind. So, I started thinking about making a Skullcap tincture, especially because I’m considering adding this to my needed tincture list. I am considering making an Eleuthero tincture as well. I wasn’t intending on making them together. I had separate reasons for why I was making each one. I was reading an article for skullcap, on this great resources of a blog called Methow Valley Herbs Herbal Remedies Advice and from what I understand about Eleuthero, I’m now considering mixing the two together. I’ll probably add other things like Oat tops and Holy Basil.

I started searching for more information on different relaxing and calming recipes. I came across a post from Mountain Rose Herbs, “5 Calming Gifts For Mom“. They have a tea that sounds tasty along with a tincture. Neither have Eleuthero, but it doesn’t mean I can’t make something of my own. I love how herbs can be so adaptable. If you understand what each herb does you can actually read a recipe and tweak it to make it fit what you need. Like you can with every recipe. But, it’s just fun.

Off to do more research and some studying. I think I’ll have a final recipe idea in a few weeks.  Do you have any ideas or thoughts with what I could add to this calming tincture recipe?


Sinus Headache Tincture

Migraines are awful. Sinus migraines are worse. I am so congested and I can feel the start of a headache coming on. And if it’s truly sinus related this will turn into a migraine. Luckily, I started these tinctures a few weeks ago. The photo is of the tinctures when I first started them. They came out a lot darker.

Sinus Tincture Mix

I have to admit, I never thought that I would find myself tincturing the herbs individually. Especially, because I really enjoy the blend that comes through. But, I know so many who tincture herbs individually and then use the tinctures to create wonderful blends.  I started adding individual tinctures to my tea. And after paying $12 for a one ounce bottle of an individual tincture, well I had to try making my own. And I think I’m hooked. I have Lavender, Wood Betony and Meadowsweet ready to go.  I created a blend with a 40/40/20 mix.

*Review – The taste and smell is earthy. I was afraid that the Lavender would be soapy. I’m not a fan of Lavender. But, it wasn’t. I actually ended up with a very strong headache. The tincture helped. I was fine after 15 minutes. This was seriously a great tincture to make!!

Next tinctures coming up are Mullien and Dandelion. Two tinctures I use often in my teas.

DIY Herbal Press

The teas have been wonderful!! But, it was time to move up and learn how to do more! So,I decided to try my hand at tinctures. I have to admit it seemed a bit much. But, after the first tincture it was easy! They were a lot easier to make than I had initially thought. I ended up making 4 at once. I have heard people squeezing the menstruum to get all the tincture. And I tried that. But, I didn’t feel as though I got much back. Out of a 20 ounces tincture I received about 10 ounces of liquid. And I believe most of that was because I couldn’t squeeze out all of the liquid from the menstruum. I decided to hold off on my other tinctures until I got myself a press. 

I searched online for a press. I found a few online for about $150. The cheaper one was about $130. Then there was one for only $50 on eBay.  The thing was all these presses were big. I believe the smallest one was about 12 inches. I don’t have much room in my little townhouse, so I figured, there has to be another option. I’m really big into making things myself. DIY is somewhere in my genes. So, I searched and searched for something that could be comparable, yet compact. And I found a site that shows you how to make one! Authentic Mama, How to Make a Tincture Press. It seems easy enough and cost effective. 


  • ($10) Steel canister 
  • ($12) C-clamp
  • ($5)  1 Round wooden (Needs to fit in the canister, not very snug, but small enough to go in and out and yet large enough that it’s pressing the herbs. 
  • ($5) Cheese Cloth

How to assemble:

Place herbs in the cheese cloth, then place in the canister. Place one of the round wooden pieces in the canister. Then place the C-Clamp in the canister. Make sure it’s centered nicely on the wooden piece inside. Then press. The liquid that comes out is pretty filtered. But, because I grind my herbs, rather than fine chop, I also filtered it one more time.

For under $40, I have an herbal press that’s space saving, yet big enough to press the herbs for my tinctures. I store the wooden piece, and cheese cloth in the canister when I put it away, so everything is packed together nicely and easily obtainable.

Herbal Press

For directions and details on making the press, please visit Authentic Mama.