Photography Adventures

In 2014 I’d like to reclaim photography. It use to be such an important part of my life. I took classes through out Jr. High, High School, and College. When I finally felt like like I was not only one with my camera but agile, quick, and flexible. I could really project my thoughts out into the image I was creating. But, this fancy new toy appeared,  the DSLR! I felt like I needed to get with the times and move to a DSLR. What I didn’t anticipate is how difficult the learning curve would be for me. The camera functions were in different places. I now felt clumsy, slow, and incompetent. I’ll admit it I got frustrated and I gave up. With feeling like I was starting over I grew to miss what I had and hated what was new.

But, I’ve decided just to deal with the learning curve and move forward. Go back to doing what I love so much. I’m going to take a different approach with it. And I know so many are going to think this is awful for me, but I don’t care. What kept me going before was my passion and drive. Right now I have neither. I just have an emptiness I want to fill and i’m a little bit weary about getting frustrated again. To remove this frustration, I was thinking that I should just go take some photographs. Use Auto Mode until I start to feel the need to have more control over my images. When that desire turns into my drive, the frustration will go away. I just need to desire it more, turn it into a passion like it use to be.

When I was younger I use to go on Photography Adventures with my friends. Most of them were photography students from school. The adventures were our way of working on our assignments. It made the assignments a lot more fun. Sometimes we would visit a few areas in one night. I’m alone now, so I don’t have to visit a few places in an evening. Or if I want to, I can go to several places.

I have to give myself at least one day out of the month to go photograph. I’m actually really excited about it too!!


Zink Manipulation No. 3

Emulsion Lifts… Part 1

I decided to try my hand at the emulsion lifts. First try wasn’t successful, the second try was better. But, I think I’ll need to practice a bit more. Not loving the turquoise and pink. I’m not a big fan of pink. However, I see potential.

Original Image

Following the video I soaked the image in water for about 35 minutes. The video shows them drying the image with a hair dryer. I do have a hair dryer but not a small one. I play with with stamps, so I used what I had available in my ‘tool kit.’ So, I used an embossing heat gun. The thing about the heat gun is that it has a small point where the heat exits. And it’s more concentrated heat in one area. It also gets hot very quickly. And of course I didn’t really consider this until the image started to bubble. But, I have to admit I did like the way the image looked. In fact I was debating whether or not I should go through with the lift.  Below is the bubbled image.

Image After Heat Exposure

The emulsion is pretty thick, but it being so dry it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be to pull apart. The layers of pink and blue were stuck together in some areas. But it really offered for interesting results.


Is there anyone out there with suggestions?

Zink Manipulation No. 2

I’ve been thinking about the manipulations all day! I decided to try something a little different. The order in which I manipulated the image. Rather than rough up and then soak, I did soak then dry then rough up. I used acetone and alcohol.

This is the original image that was cropped for Instagram.

And below are the two manipulated images.

Manipulation No. 2

The one above is the one with acetone and the one below is the one manipulated with alcohol. As you can see there is a slight variation to the alcohol and the there is a huge difference in color with the acetone. But, honestly this time I got a little crazy and really soaked more of the acetone. Right now I have an image soaking in water. I’ll post the results up tomorrow.