Photography Adventures

In 2014 I’d like to reclaim photography. It use to be such an important part of my life. I took classes through out Jr. High, High School, and College. When I finally felt like like I was not only one with my camera but agile, quick, and flexible. I could really project my thoughts out into the image I was creating. But, this fancy new toy appeared,  the DSLR! I felt like I needed to get with the times and move to a DSLR. What I didn’t anticipate is how difficult the learning curve would be for me. The camera functions were in different places. I now felt clumsy, slow, and incompetent. I’ll admit it I got frustrated and I gave up. With feeling like I was starting over I grew to miss what I had and hated what was new.

But, I’ve decided just to deal with the learning curve and move forward. Go back to doing what I love so much. I’m going to take a different approach with it. And I know so many are going to think this is awful for me, but I don’t care. What kept me going before was my passion and drive. Right now I have neither. I just have an emptiness I want to fill and i’m a little bit weary about getting frustrated again. To remove this frustration, I was thinking that I should just go take some photographs. Use Auto Mode until I start to feel the need to have more control over my images. When that desire turns into my drive, the frustration will go away. I just need to desire it more, turn it into a passion like it use to be.

When I was younger I use to go on Photography Adventures with my friends. Most of them were photography students from school. The adventures were our way of working on our assignments. It made the assignments a lot more fun. Sometimes we would visit a few areas in one night. I’m alone now, so I don’t have to visit a few places in an evening. Or if I want to, I can go to several places.

I have to give myself at least one day out of the month to go photograph. I’m actually really excited about it too!!


Chic Cowl

I started practicing a stitch with some of the left over yarn I have. And I turned it into a cowl.  It’s a lacy type cowl, perfect for the cool winters in California. Or those cool nights.  And it can also be converted into a hair piece that holds your hair back.

The great thing about the cowl is that it’s quick to make and you’re not using a lot of yarn. It’s  perfect to use up some of your left over yarn. And it’s a great quick last minute gift.

Last Updated – 7/30/2013; Evening Update  (Revision 4, all new revisions are in italics)


  • Yarn Used: Vanna’s Choice, Mustard (Worsted Weight)
  • 1.25 ounces of yarn
  • Size H Crochet Hook
  • Time 30 mins to 1 hour depending on your skill level and if you understand my directions 🙂


  • FSC – Foundation Single Crochet
  • CH – Chain
  • SC – Single Crochet
  • SK – skip

Note: Pattern is multiple of 4, plus 3

Create a foundation chain of 59 FSC. I know there are several ways to make foundation chains out there. This is how I do mine: Single Crochet Base Chain.

Row 1: Chain 5, SC in  3rd chain. *Chain 5, sk 3 CH and SC in 4th chain; repeat from * to the end. Chain 5 then turn.

Row 2 has two different methods. Pick one and work that method all the way through.

Row 2 Method A: Chain 5, SC in 3rd SC, *Ch 5, SC in top of arch, repeat from * to the end. At the end of the row you will reach a ‘half arch’. The last SC should go into the top of half arch turning chain. Chain 5 then turn. Note: The top of the arch is the 3rd chain from the start of the arch.

Row 2 Method B: Chain 5, SC in 3rd SC, *Ch 5, SC in the middle of space of arch, repeat from * to the end. At the end of the row you will reach a ‘half arch’. The last SC should go into the top of half arch turning chain. Chain 5 then turn. Note: The top of the arch is the 3rd chain from the start of the arch.

Row 3 – 11: Repeat Row 2 [Either Method A or B] nine more times. You should have a total of 11 rows.

Row 12: 7 SC in each arch space all the way across, till the last arch, put only 3 SC in the last arch space. The last arch should be a smaller arch, Do not tie off.

Finishing: Fold piece in half, matching the holes. SC in each hole several times to join together all the way to the end.  Cut yarn, leaving enough to weave in the ends.

Converting into a hair piece

At the bottom of the piece weave a satin ribbon in and out of the piece.  Leave about 5 inches extra on each side. Once on your hair, pull on the ribbons to tighten and tie into a bow to keep tight. The ribbon isn’t really needed to use as a hair piece, but it helps keep it in place. You can easily put bobby pins to keep the hair piece in place.  But, the piece stays in place without the pins. 

This is my very first attempt to put what I did in writing. If there are any corrections or if you’re confused, please let me know. I’ll do my best trying to explain it.

If you make this, please link back to my blog. And please feel free to post your project in the comments.


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A Bone’s Perspective

I love photography. It’s truly been awhile since I’ve worked in that medium. The digital camera has offered a real learning curve and I just haven’t invested the time to learn. I miss film or what is commonly known as analog photography. I use to develop my own film and prints. When digital came I just didn’t move forward. There were other things in life that got in the way. But, I still didn’t invest the time to learning.  I did start looking at other avenues to play with. One of them was SX70 manipulation. And of course, Polaroid crumbled and that film died. I’m very much aware of the Impossible Project. It’s just when it died I couldn’t get myself to dive back into those manipulations.

I have been thinking about pinhole photography for sometime. I had made one in Jr. High and several times through out High School. And with Lomo around, there are so many options for it now. But, still nothing really sparked the creative fire. Not until I ran into Yama.

This is a pinhole camera made from a Tibetan Skull. The artist is Wayne Martin Belger. It’s amazing and rather expensive. But, it brought the excitement of photography and sparked a creative fire that hasn’t existed for some time. It’s not unusual to create pinhole cameras out of things like oat meal cans, small altoid tins, spam cans, boxes, ceramics etc.. there are some very beautiful ones made of wood. But, this is beyond beautiful. It’s magical.  I love the creative use of the Bone.

The use of the Bone stirs up thoughts of other ways to make use of a camera like this. I was thinking how interesting it would be to use the Bone for photography but as part of Tapping the Bone. Tapping the Bone is a way of working with and communicating with your ancestors.  I’ve learned about this from Griffin Ced, at the Greenman, in North Hollywood. Even though I’ve taken a few classes I certainly have no authority in writing the how to’s. I do highly recommend taking his class if you’d like to get more familiarized with this art form.

I am getting close to initiating my Bone to do some ancestral work. So, it’s very timely that I found this. I could only begin to imagine the photographs I’d take. Or what my familiar would share with me through photography. I don’t even know if it could be used in that manner and how. But, the possibilities seem limitless. I want to make something like this.  I won’t be using a real skull. I have to think this through. I need to figure out if I can work this way with my familiar or with my ancestors.  The way I’m thinking of it is a bit complex.  But, communication through another art! It’s exciting!!

This bridges my love of photography with my love of skulls and spirituality soo well and it ignites that creativity that has been dormant for so long. Off to think of ways to make this manifest.  If not with the ability to work with the ancestors but to have a bad ass functioning pinhole camera extraordinaire. Which I know will NEVER come close to Yama. And I certainly don’t want anything similar. But, I want one of my own. A Bone, a camera, a different perspective. 

Please go take a look at Yama and check out the artist and his site. His work is unique and the cameras are truly works of art.

Healing and Loving Bath Salts

Healing & Loving Bath Salts

I wanted to make something special for my friend’s birthday. She has the kindest heart and is so giving. Sometimes she forgets about herself. So, I decided to make some Healing and Loving Bath Salts.

Healing & Loving Bath Salt Ingredients:

  • 3 kinds of salt (Epsom, Sea and Pink)
  • Blended Oils – that include Rose
  • Rose Petals
  • 1 Heart shaped Rose Quartz

All the ingredients I’m using are great for cleansing away negativity while it protects, heals and encourages love of self.

Good to make on a Friday night. Waxing or Waning doesn’t matter, just know your focus.  Empower and awaken the ingredients. Then mix together with a bit of loving intent. Say a little chant, prayer or sing a song that makes you feel loving.

Use: As a scrub – on base of the skull, stomach and heart area. But, can be used everywhere. As a bath – one to two scoops in warm bath water.

When to use: After having a difficult day at the office. Or if you’re feeling negative about yourself.  I would highly recommend lighting  votive candles with a bath and make it a special night all about you!

A Week In My Life

I’m really bad at capturing snip-its of my life. When I look back at my journals, I found that most of what I wrote were pages and pages of shit that sucked. For years I’ve used my journal as a source of venting, but never a tool to also talk about the wonderful moments in my life. If you were to stumble upon my diaries, which I hope no one ever does, you would think the journals belonged to a  hopeless soul that did nothing but analyzed herself to death criticizing everything about herself.  So, yes that’s still me, that part exists, but I promise there have been wonderful happy moments too. I no longer want to use my journal as a venting tool. Though I think in the past during the most difficult moments in my life it most certainly helped. But, I just realized, that’s probably why there are huge gaps in my journals. During the times in my life that were good, I didn’t write. I want to capture both. So, I’m going to try it again, A Week In The Life, an Ali Edwards project.

Reading the first post that Ali suggests, The Basics of Documenting…, I need to get organized and work on some daily activities:

  • Take Photos | Upload photos (Probably once a week)
  • Write Notes | Journal
  • Designate time to work on my book.

To accomplish these tasks, I need supplies…

  • (x) Binder (8.5 x 11 or 12 x 12)
  • (x) Camera (Phone & DSL – Wishlist a cheapo fun point and shoot)
  • (x) Something to capture notes (Needs to be travel-able)
  • (x) Ink and Photo paper for the printer
  • (  ) Organize Digital Files for quick reference – this might take a bit of time.
She has a great pdf download that helps you with documenting your life. But, it’s a little too detailed for me. So, I’m going to come up with prompts I’d like to include.
Things to make…
  • (  ) Pre-made Blank Notes (All ATC sizes, All 4×6, Mix of ATC & 4×6)

And so this project begins…