2015 Planner – Dividers

I really like reading and seeing how others set up their planners. It helps me brainstorm how I will set up my planner. So, maybe there’s someone out there doing the same thing that I do.

My set up is slightly different from my 2014 set up. I have 3 Main divider sections, Sub-dividers within the main dividers, sections within the sub-dividers for further use and interaction.

  • Main dividers are used as dividers that group certain sections together
  • Sub dividers are used to group smaller sections together.
  • Sections, are things like projects, that require attention. When finish I can remove the section or add more to any area in my binder.

1st Main Divider:

  • Section tab: Routines
    • Section tab: Brain Dump – this section is used just get things out of my head that need attention.
    • Section tab: Shopping List
  • 1st Sub divider: Financials
    • Section tab: Debt 1
    • Section tab: Savings
  • 2nd Sub divider: Meal Planning
    • Section tab: Weekly Meals / Grocery List
    • Section tab: Recipes
  • 3rd Sub divider: Projects
    • Section tabs: By project

2nd Main Divider:

  • Sub Dividers are my Monthly Calendar dividers. I only keep four months in my planner. Otherwise it would be too thick.
    • Sections tab: Quick Month View
    • Sections tab: Goals for the Month
    • Weekly actions / to dos.

3rd Main Divider

  • Journal area, blank paper and extra sheets needed for the organizer.

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