Back To A Paper Planner

I have decided to go back to a paper planner. Work has disabled the sync capabilities and my work around wasn’t very efficient. I decided that going back to a paper will be the easier, more efficient thing to do. Luckily, I can still use my tablet for my class notes they sync perfectly with my home computer. I can still use it when I’m away. Originally, I was going to use the tablet for my personal planner. But, after doing research on planners and organizations, I decided to go back to a paper planner for my personal planner as well. While I have been in my digital life, I had no idea that there were things such as Hobonichi Techno planners, Midori Travel Notesbooks, Fauxdoris, and Fauxnichi’s. After a day and half of watching videos, reading articles, joining Facebook Groups, I’m sold. I think I’ll eventually go to a system where I’m using both a paper and digital planner. But, I’ll allow that to evolve.

As I’m setting up my planner, I’m working on some DIY hacks to make it a efficient for me. I’ll posting those as I finish with it.



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