Calming Tinctures Ideas

A friend recommended taking some Skullcap tincture to help quiet the mind. I’ll be honest, this recommendation came over 6 months ago. I only recently decided to purchase the tincture. I’ve used it the last couple of days and I really like the calming I do receive from it. It’s not drowsy like Kava, but it does quiet the mind. So, I started thinking about making a Skullcap tincture, especially because I’m considering adding this to my needed tincture list. I am considering making an Eleuthero tincture as well. I wasn’t intending on making them together. I had separate reasons for why I was making each one. I was reading an article for skullcap, on this great resources of a blog called Methow Valley Herbs Herbal Remedies Advice and from what I understand about Eleuthero, I’m now considering mixing the two together. I’ll probably add other things like Oat tops and Holy Basil.

I started searching for more information on different relaxing and calming recipes. I came across a post from Mountain Rose Herbs, “5 Calming Gifts For Mom“. They have a tea that sounds tasty along with a tincture. Neither have Eleuthero, but it doesn’t mean I can’t make something of my own. I love how herbs can be so adaptable. If you understand what each herb does you can actually read a recipe and tweak it to make it fit what you need. Like you can with every recipe. But, it’s just fun.

Off to do more research and some studying. I think I’ll have a final recipe idea in a few weeks.  Do you have any ideas or thoughts with what I could add to this calming tincture recipe?


2 thoughts on “Calming Tinctures Ideas

  1. Hi, I recently started drinking a decoction of Eleuthero, marshmallow root, and fennel seed. I am breastfeeding and had my baby 3 months ago. The Eleuthero and Marshmallow are really helping me regain my strength and center me. The fennel is helping with my milk supply. I also started drinking it because I wanted to quit my coffee habit. It’s working! Would love to hear how your tincturing goes. Skullcap is amazing!

    • Hi HerbalBaby! Thanks for stopping by! I didn’t realize that fennel could be good for weaning off of a coffee habit. I’ll have to look into that more. I should have both tincture ready in a few weeks, I’ll post on how well it turns out. But, I have been using it this past weekend. I like the combo together. The Eleuthero is really helping with my energy level. Thanks again for stopping by.

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