Week 2: Somewhere, Some Place Simple

The journal prompt for Week 2 is Somewhere, Some Place Simple. I had thought about what that means. And I may have taken it slightly out of context, but for me, I had to think as to what this place would be. I have a few places that I like to go venture to. A place where I will go. But, those places aren’t always so easily accessible. So, where is the simple place that I always go to. And it’s my heart. The past several years I’ve done a lot of reflecting. Part of that reflection was learning to love and accept myself. To do this, I had to turn within. I had to find my truth, to listen to what my spirit was saying. To hear without judgement, to accept. There is no other place, than my heart, where I can find simplicity in truth.

W2 my heart J52

I’m still working on the not being so critical. And I’m finding myself adjusting to what I make. It’s definitely not as filled as my other artwork from before. It’s coming out with very little embellishment. I’m not sure if I like it completely. But, it’s me settling in to find my hand again. To find how I work with the mediums and relearn how I want to express myself. I’m not using or doing the same things I’ve done in the past. Those felt a bit uncomfortable. Trying to see who I am now and how I express that through art. A little choppy, not as clean, not as refined or complete. But, I’m happy I’m learning a new way of expressing me.


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