Week 3: You Make Me Smile

The prompt for Week 3 is You Make Me Smile. I really didn’t use art to express what I wanted to. Instead I spent a bit of time writing about the things that made me smile.  I could seriously sit there and write pages and pages of things that make me smile. Life can be very difficult at times. But, there are still things that I can smile about.


Keeping Busy

Work has been crazy lately. I’ve been working long hours and it seems as though it’s been non-stop for months. In thinking about it in more detail, I honestly haven’t slowed down since November 2013. I’m really hoping that after this cycle the long hours will lessen.

I started working on an art journal and I added a photography class to my list. And you would think that this is just adding on to my work. It might actually be adding work. But, the art journal and focusing on things that I like or enjoy, almost makes it feel as though it’s not work. It’s more relaxing. I find myself not thinking about the stresses and allow myself to take my focus elsewhere. Which helps a great deal.

I have a stabilized decoction and a salve to make over the weekend. My eye started to develop eczema. So, I’ll be making a salve to help with that issue. The decoction is to continue my allergy treatment. I’m working with my nutritionist / master herbalist on my congestion. In conjunction with my allergist. This right now is priority for my health. Progress has been really good. But, I still have a lot to work through. I definitely wasn’t expecting that I would feel any relief from the congestion, especially considering how long I’ve dealt with my allergies and asthma. I knew it would take sometime and wasn’t expecting quick results. But, after a week, my congestion started to go away. I am still congested, just not as bad. It took about 3 years to get myself better with asthma and allergies in general, I know this too will take some time. I’m in no rush. My body is healing.




Week 2: Somewhere, Some Place Simple

The journal prompt for Week 2 is Somewhere, Some Place Simple. I had thought about what that means. And I may have taken it slightly out of context, but for me, I had to think as to what this place would be. I have a few places that I like to go venture to. A place where I will go. But, those places aren’t always so easily accessible. So, where is the simple place that I always go to. And it’s my heart. The past several years I’ve done a lot of reflecting. Part of that reflection was learning to love and accept myself. To do this, I had to turn within. I had to find my truth, to listen to what my spirit was saying. To hear without judgement, to accept. There is no other place, than my heart, where I can find simplicity in truth.

W2 my heart J52

I’m still working on the not being so critical. And I’m finding myself adjusting to what I make. It’s definitely not as filled as my other artwork from before. It’s coming out with very little embellishment. I’m not sure if I like it completely. But, it’s me settling in to find my hand again. To find how I work with the mediums and relearn how I want to express myself. I’m not using or doing the same things I’ve done in the past. Those felt a bit uncomfortable. Trying to see who I am now and how I express that through art. A little choppy, not as clean, not as refined or complete. But, I’m happy I’m learning a new way of expressing me.