Week 1: Up, Up and Away – Bubbles

I was wandering around the web and I stumbled upon Journal 52. It’s a free workshop hosted by Chelle Stein. Lucky me I finally found something to participate in that’s currently active. There will be 52 prompts for the year, which is about once a week. Or for me starting late and they’re already into the 21st week, it’s about 2 a week. I’ve been looking to getting myself back to working on some art. And this time, just allow myself to let go. Not be so critical. I’m not trying to be featured anywhere so I don’t need to try and be perfect. I’m not being judged in anyway. Well you can judge me, but I’m not putting myself in any type of competition where there’s pressure. I’m just going to allow this time to be fun. If you want to read more about the workshop you can go to “About” Journal 52.

Week 1 Prompt is called Up, Up and Away. For me the first thing that came to mind were bubbles. I love bubbles. And when I’m stressed I actually go blow bubbles instead of having a smoke. I’ve never smoked, but I think of this a way for me to release negativity, stress and anything that’s on my mind.

Week1 J52




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