Sinus Headache Tincture

Migraines are awful. Sinus migraines are worse. I am so congested and I can feel the start of a headache coming on. And if it’s truly sinus related this will turn into a migraine. Luckily, I started these tinctures a few weeks ago. The photo is of the tinctures when I first started them. They came out a lot darker.

Sinus Tincture Mix

I have to admit, I never thought that I would find myself tincturing the herbs individually. Especially, because I really enjoy the blend that comes through. But, I know so many who tincture herbs individually and then use the tinctures to create wonderful blends.  I started adding individual tinctures to my tea. And after paying $12 for a one ounce bottle of an individual tincture, well I had to try making my own. And I think I’m hooked. I have Lavender, Wood Betony and Meadowsweet ready to go.  I created a blend with a 40/40/20 mix.

*Review – The taste and smell is earthy. I was afraid that the Lavender would be soapy. I’m not a fan of Lavender. But, it wasn’t. I actually ended up with a very strong headache. The tincture helped. I was fine after 15 minutes. This was seriously a great tincture to make!!

Next tinctures coming up are Mullien and Dandelion. Two tinctures I use often in my teas.


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