Moving To A Tablet As a Planner

I’ve been searching online for an article that gave ideas or suggestions on how to use your Tablet as a planner. I needed ideas to gleam from so I could apply it or find a way to work it into what I was doing. But, I didn’t find any articles specifically for this. What I did find were articles on the bits and pieces of which apps were great to use and with what product. I’ve decided to write down what I did, and maybe it will help someone with their process. 

I recently received a tablet as a gift. And I’m pretty excited about it. But, rather than it be another gadget for online browsing or shopping, I want to use it as a productive planner.

The tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I did a comparison test with the 8 and the 10.1. These aren’t the brand new ones, but last year’s model. I liked the 8 better. The S Note handles a little bit differently on the 8 than it does on the 10.1. It’s a perfect size, not too big, not too small. Very similar in size to the iPad Mini.

I now have 3 different pieces of technology. My laptop, tablet and phone. That’s just personal. I have an additional 2 for work, a laptop, and a phone. As I sit here thinking about all everything I have, I need to find a happy medium and something that will sync with all. One issue I’m encountering is that work has me on a iPhone and a HP Laptop. The iPhone is the odd man out. I’m thinking the way I use the iPhone has to be similar to how I use my personal phone.  But, I’m not sure yet.

What I have to decide is what will be the main thing I use. I will need the ability to use it for home and work. Then I thought a bit wider. I need the ability to enter from anything I use. Why limit myself it is a world of technology.  I realize the best alternative for me is using applications which are accessible through desktop, phone and tablet.

So, what apps do I need to make me productive?

  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Task List
  • Project Tracker
  • Lists | Database
  • Pinterest
  • Email

Calendar & Email – There’s really no other option for me. I’ve been using Google Calendar for the past several years. And it’s integrated into the phones and tablets. Also there are tons of apps that sync to it. So, I’m sticking with this. I use it to manage the many different calendars I need to maintain. From work, home, personal school, events and scheduled reoccurring tasks, this works great for me. I love the fact that I could add other calendars, create shared calendars and they’re all color coded. I’ve got the family on board with checking into the Family calendar now, so this is great. Gmail fits right into this nicely. Accessible on all devices.

Notes – The Galaxy Note 8 comes with S Note. This is perfect for my note taking needs for school. I can export them as PDF and add them to OneNote. I normally use OneNote for everything in relation to notes, journals, etc.., but the OneNote mobile app doesn’t allow for drawing. And most of the classes I’m taking require me to sketch out something.  This is a nice way to get them into OneNote. And a decent compromise until OneNote gets their act together and allows for that option. OneNote is also good because I can access my Notes from anywhere as long as I share them. Therefore, I can add my notes that I take from work.

Task List – I’m currently using Google tasks. I like this because I can go online using the canvas to update my tasks and using the app GTasks. I have this downloaded to my Tablet and my Phone. Now I have access to this anywhere on anything. There are other task managing tools out there, but I really needed something simple that allowed me to have subtasks. Google Tasks has that ability. Also, I have need to track lists that are actionable but reoccurring. So, for example when I travel for work, I have a list of things to pack. I will check of that list as I’m packing before I go. And when I return off, I will uncheck the list to make sure I’ve packed everything I brought over. This is so I don’t leave anything behind. But, I will use that same list for the next time I head up for a meeting. So, they are not reoccurring tasks. All my reoccurring tasks get loaded into my Google Calendar. Those tend to be time specific as with in a due date. Another app that I liked, which also syncs with Google Tasks is Task Free.

Project Planner – I have several personal projects I’m working on that I want to track separately. I need something that gives me an area to provide more details if needed. Along with main deliverables and subtasks. I could use Google tasks for it, but I need I wanted something that was a bit more robust. I decided to go with Asana. I would mainly use this on a desktop or my tablet. The app on the tablet and the phone doesn’t provide the same features and isn’t so easy to use. I’ll use the phone to reference tasks and check off things that are done.

Lists | Database – I have tons of items I like to keep track of. Mainly, so I don’t buy things twice. Especially, for my herbs. I like to keep track of what I have. After an herb class I might want to buy ingredients to make a new tincture I learned about. So, I can look at this quickly and see what I have at home and what I need to buy. I also keep my yarn stash on here too. The app I’m using is called Memento Database. It’s a very good app. You can create your style of database.  It’s perfect to have on my tablet and phone. I tend to be mobile while I’m looking through there, either at the store or in the kitchen making something.

Pinterest – This is going to be the one and only social type app that I add to my tablet, which is accessible on all platforms. I’m not even going to add Facebook. I notice it’s a productivity killer. And I allow it to be! So, nothing on my tablet.  But, I use Pinterest for everything I need to note.

Recipe | Cookbook – This isn’t on the list above, because that’s it’s own project. I want to keep my recipe books hardbound, but I’m finding with ease of technology, I want to move thing everything digital. I’m not sure if I will. I’m still in the process of reviewing apps out there. So, far Pepperplate has my attention.


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