Planner Organization for 2014 – Dividers

Planner Dividers –

I have 3 tabs in my planner. My work tab, personal tab and extra papers. The Work tab is broken down into several sections. Each area is a section:

  • Monthly Calendar quick view – Just so I can quickly flip from month to month. I don’t need appointments, it’s mainly reference to the calendar.
  • Brain Dump (to do list), – this is a dump list of everything that needs to be done. Or that I’m thinking about doing needs to be removed from my brain.
  • Deliverables / Actions Quadrant – My to do’s that will take longer and have more steps to be completed.
  • Meeting notes

The second tab is my Personal tab. I have it as the second section, because I don’t want to accidentally open to something personal at work. So, my work is always in front. Personal is somewhat hidden. The areas in my Personal tabs are:

  • Brain Dump (personal to do list)
  • Routines – Things I’d like to get into better habits with
  • To Journal – Things I want to journal about don’t have the time at the moment. A reference for me to go back and view.
  • Journal Pages – if I have time to Journal, this is the space/place.
  • Projects – My projects, from personal, art, the house, etc…

The last tab is my extra pages tab. It’s a place for me to flip to when I need to write down some stuff. I’ve been using this planner for the past couple of weeks and so far I’m liking it. I just have to remind myself to use it. I also think I may reorder the tabs. I think i want the blank pages as a second tab. I seem to just flip to that often if I need to take notes or write something down. With it being the last tab, I tend to flip through the Personal tab, which I don’t want to be doing at work.

This planner is seriously a slimmed down version of planners I use to have. I swear I had a section for every hobby. And I could do that again. I could start to really compartmentalize thing. But, then it leaves me not being cohesive. I need less restrictions on my planning with more room for flexibility and this set up seems to offer me that.

How do you have your planner set up? If you’ve got a blog post about it, please feel free to post it to the comments. 🙂



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