For the Love of An Americano

I have been a crazy coffee addict for a long time. I love coffee. Before Starbucks opened I could always be found at a local coffee shop. Equator in Pasadena, Ground Zero in Burbank (which no longer exists) or that one place in Melrose, which I can’t remember. But, coffee, I love it. When Starbucks started popping up all over the place, it was a love hate relationship. I loved that I could go to almost any corner and get a Starbucks coffee. Hated it cause I could go to almost any corner and get a Starbucks coffee. The little small coffee shops were starting to disappear. And honestly, as much as people love Starbucks, I’m not a fan of their coffee. It has a very burnt taste to it. I’ll take it if there’s nothing else around. But, I’ll prefer a little coffee shop compared to Starbucks any day. I have a higher possibility of getting coffee with a nice rich smooth flavor. 

Because of Starbucks I have learned to love Mochas, Lattes and anything and everything sweet filled to mask the their coffee taste, but still get the coffee that helps me function. The past several years I’ve become more sensitive to milk. I don’t purchase coffee as often because of it. I almost completely forgot about drip coffee. So, I started purchasing that recently and it’s been a nice nostalgic trip. Reminds me of the coffee shop days, filled with time and spoken word.

But, then recently, a friend suggested an Americano. What’s an Americano, you say? Well that’s a few shots of espresso with hot water. Almost like a brewed cup of coffee, except richer in flavor. And you can add the amount of milk to your liking. Which is a perfect alternative for me and a new addiction.  It’s now my go to. It’s left me wondering, why I never knew about this before?

There are a few great places in the Pasadena area to get a good cup of coffee.  But, only a few places with better milk alternatives, other than soy.

Places that carry Almond Milk. (Would be nice if more coffee shops offered this option.)

Other great Coffee Shops in Old Town Pasadena Area

  • Equator (They have remade themselves into an Asian Fusion Restaurant. But, you can still get an awesome cup of coffee from them as well. Happy Hour is also great!)
  • Intelligentsia
  • Copa Vida (They’re new and I’m still on the fence about them. I went there on Tuesday and got a mocha. Unfortunately, my cup had lots of coffee grounds in it along with something else that tasted really strange. It was all good till those little pieces of chewable strange bits were found. I’m hoping it was a bad day and I will try again)

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