Gluten Free For 10 Months

Matthew has been gluten free for about 10 months now. I have to say. Seeing the changes with him, I’m still a bit surprised. It’s hard to believe that an allergy could cause so many issues.

Initially, the issues we were wanting to deal with were his constant headaches, dizzy spells, tummy aches, and of course the reaction of him swelling. But, it was more than that. He’s a very different kid today. He use to keep to himself.  He was very emotional and moody. He use to argue a lot and get into angry little fits. He didn’t like to play outside, he preferred to be inside, watching TV or being on the computer. He also wasn’t as quick in conversation. You can see him processing and at times it would take him longer to process a conversation.  His grades in school were also bad.

In the first 4 months, the dizziness, tummy aches and headaches went away. 6 months later he lost about 20 lbs and is no longer moody or emotional. He likes playing outside. Don’t get me wrong, he still likes being on the computer, but he now prefers to be outside instead of on the computer. He’s learned how to skate. He’s more social. And he comprehends things a lot quicker. His grades are so much better than before. His teachers even commented on the change. He’s just a different kid. The only thing we did different is removed gluten from his diet.

I’m really amazed at how much he’s changed. I wish we found this sooner. The only thing the doctors and specialist could attribute the issues were his allergies to pollen, dust and pets. But, I’m glad we never stopped trying to figure out how we could help him. Going gluten free has been very beneficial to him.