Burdock for Acne, Eczema and Skin Care

I have bad skin. After my first child my acne had got worse. I found out I had Cystic acne. I have seen a dermatologist and I have also tried almost every product for acne on the market, from the cheap stuff to the expensive stuff. And from many years of trial and error I have learned a lot about my skin. I have also learned about how certain products react on my skin.

My skin type is very oily. With really bad acne you’re always looking for something that’s going to cover up your face really well without it running off of your face. A few foundations that I like are Mac Pro Long Wear Foundation. But, you actually need a really nice base for this. None of the bases from Mac worked well with my skin. So, I actually found that the Sephora matte or the Laura Mercier work really well. I’ll talk more about make up in a different post. Today I want to talk about skin care.

While I have spent so much money trying different things. I finally found some things that really helped my skin. I do believe that there isn’t just one product on the market that works on everyone’s skin.  Unfortunately, you have to test and try the different ones on the market to see what works with your skin. The ones that I do like are Fresh and Peter Thomas Roth (PTR). I love the cleanser and clay mask from Fresh. PTR has a great sulfur mask and acne spot treatment. Both these products really helped lessen my acne. But, I still have really deep cystic acne.

Matthew on the other hand has eczema, just like Jarred. When Jarred was younger we had taken him to a dermatologist. And the stuff they wanted to give him, with side effects of thinning skin and you couldn’t be exposed to sunlight for longer than 1/2 hour. First thing I thought, “Are you kidding me? You’re going to tell me my  6 year old can’t be outside in the sun for longer than 1/2 hour a day?”. I had to search for something that would help the eczema and still allowed my son to be a kid. What we found for Jarred was Emu oil. And it worked great. But, not so much on Matthew. So, a new search to find something to help Matthew began.

Taking the Herbal Allergy class with Master Herbalist, Julie James has given me a better understanding of why his eczema occurs, we are treating it with an herbal tincture for allergies and with a toner for his body.  Aside from this, he is a teenager and he also has Acne. It’s a combination of it sucks to be a teenager.

I made a strong stabilized decoction out of Burdock.  We use it as a toner day and night for the eczema and acne. The results have been great. The toner is gentle and it clears and heals our skin. It’s also clearing my cystic acne. My skin is still oily. Don’t get me wrong. People think oily skin is bad. But seriously it’s what keeps us from getting dry and wrinkled. The natural oils are good. So, my skin does have the oil. But, the acne is gone. Both our skins are healthier looking. This was a cheaper alternative than all the medications out there.  It’s herbal, so it’s natural. And it worked the best.

I just ordered more Burdock. I think I’m going to experiment and try a mix of Burdock, Calendula and Rose.

Once I figure out the recipe what works well, I’ll post it and share.


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