Gluten Free Home

January started with a quick trip the ER for Matthew. We didn’t know what he was reacting to. But he was reacting. A few months later the same thing. Again we were baffled. I had done research and had come to the conclusion that he had a gluten sensitivity. So, we worked with his doctor to do testing. But, she had also recommended doing an elimination diet. At least for 4 weeks. This because the gluten tests don’t always show positive. And they’re not very good at showing a sensitivity. The tests results did return negative. But, I continued with the elimination diet.  After 5 weeks we sat down and tried some wheat. I gave it to him in small doses and we checked his pulse over the next 15 minutes. Within 4 minutes his pulse went from 60 to 80 per minute. The test confirmed his sensitivity.

Now that I know he has this sensitivity. We have made a lot of changes at home. We tried to do what we can to make it less of an impact. But, it’s really hard. Pretty much most of what is processed has gluten. We are forced to go to a healthier diet.  Which isn’t a bad thing. But, it’s a change. We really didn’t have too many processed things, at least so I thought. But, having to be consciously aware of what we’re buying has been a learning experience.

My main concern and new initiative is to teach Matthew how to cook for himself. So, that when he moves out he knows how to eat properly.

I’ve been searching online and I found a few good sites. We’ll start our trial this coming weekend. I’m excited and little bit scared. But, we’ll figure this out!


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