Allergy Tea #1

This is the Allergy Tea that I have been drinking for the past year. I have turned this into a tincture. I’ve also made some updates and changes. But, this is the basic recipe.

Allergy Tea

  • 2P Chamomile
  • 1P Eleuthro
  • 2P Nettle
  • 1P Ginger
  • 2P Holy Basil
  • 2P Licorice
  • 2P Dandelion

The first couple of months I did not use Dandelion. I started that after I was able to lessen the amount of medications I took. Then I started to add the dandelion. I prefer drinking this as a tea over the tincture. There’s just a good feeling about sitting down and drinking a cup of tea that you know is healing. I made a tincture because there are days I’m rushing out the door and I don’t have time to drink the tea. But, I do what I can to sit and have that cup.

Now that my allergies are a bit more stable. I do mix things up a bit. Sometimes, I’ll drink nettle and chai with a little bit of milk. I also have another tea I drink when my asthma starts acting up. That’s simply just Thyme and Ginger with a bit of honey.

I claim absolutely no medical benefits to be accurate correct or better than any of the medication that you’re taking. Or any medical advise. Please speak to your doctor. This is purely for informational purposes. As well as I’m sharing a nice tea that I think has been helpful and tasty for me.



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