DIY Herbal Press

The teas have been wonderful!! But, it was time to move up and learn how to do more! So,I decided to try my hand at tinctures. I have to admit it seemed a bit much. But, after the first tincture it was easy! They were a lot easier to make than I had initially thought. I ended up making 4 at once. I have heard people squeezing the menstruum to get all the tincture. And I tried that. But, I didn’t feel as though I got much back. Out of a 20 ounces tincture I received about 10 ounces of liquid. And I believe most of that was because I couldn’t squeeze out all of the liquid from the menstruum. I decided to hold off on my other tinctures until I got myself a press. 

I searched online for a press. I found a few online for about $150. The cheaper one was about $130. Then there was one for only $50 on eBay.  The thing was all these presses were big. I believe the smallest one was about 12 inches. I don’t have much room in my little townhouse, so I figured, there has to be another option. I’m really big into making things myself. DIY is somewhere in my genes. So, I searched and searched for something that could be comparable, yet compact. And I found a site that shows you how to make one! Authentic Mama, How to Make a Tincture Press. It seems easy enough and cost effective. 


  • ($10) Steel canister 
  • ($12) C-clamp
  • ($5)  1 Round wooden (Needs to fit in the canister, not very snug, but small enough to go in and out and yet large enough that it’s pressing the herbs. 
  • ($5) Cheese Cloth

How to assemble:

Place herbs in the cheese cloth, then place in the canister. Place one of the round wooden pieces in the canister. Then place the C-Clamp in the canister. Make sure it’s centered nicely on the wooden piece inside. Then press. The liquid that comes out is pretty filtered. But, because I grind my herbs, rather than fine chop, I also filtered it one more time.

For under $40, I have an herbal press that’s space saving, yet big enough to press the herbs for my tinctures. I store the wooden piece, and cheese cloth in the canister when I put it away, so everything is packed together nicely and easily obtainable.

Herbal Press

For directions and details on making the press, please visit Authentic Mama.


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