Herbal Remedies

I have lived with allergies all my life. But, 6 years ago when I got stung by a bee it went from bad to severe. I developed sinus issues and  asthma. The asthma was new but it was triggered by the allergies. I spent most of the first 5 years in and out of the hospital. I’d be there at least 5 to 8 times a year. The doctors prescribed more pills and different pills and inhalers just to get me under control. But, it was never under control. Then last year I started having digestion issues and I just was so tired of all the medication I was taking. A day’s worth of medication looked like this:

  • Simbacort, AM & PM
  • Arbuterol, as needed
  • Flonase, AM & PM
  • Zyrtec, AM 
  • 3 Benadryl AM, Mid Day, PM
  • 60 mg decongestant AM
  • Nasal only if it was really bad. PM
  • Dulera (updated 4/11/2014, had a discussion with my allergist recently. We went over the meds I was taking. I completely forgot about Dulera.)

I decided to attend an allergy class ran by Herbalist, Julie James. I learned that the medications I was using was just suppressing the issues. They weren’t treating them or healing my body. I figured I was on so many medications,  herbs shouldn’t be so bad. For 3 months I drank an herbal tea morning and night. And after 3 months, I stopped using the Benadryl daily. Then a few months after, I stopped using the decongestant. Slowly but surely I lessened the use of all my medications.

A year later, I am only using Zyrtec and Benadryl when it’s bad. On occasion I might use a decongestant. I still carry the Arbuterol, but I use it less than I have ever before.  I know allergies will never go away. Unfortunately, that’s just my bodies response to the allergens. What the herbs did is strengthened my immunity system and has lessened the harsh response. In the last  year I only went to the hospital once and it was because of the flu.  I call that success.

I want to learn more about herbs, more about taking better care of myself and my body. I want to heal and strengthen myself. And I think this is the best way possible. I’m very grateful for Julie and feel so honored that she cares enough to teach what she knows.  I have learned a lot.


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