Misrule and New Beginnings!

I can’t believe how crazy the last month and the festivities were! It all started the day before Yule, talk about manifestation of ‘wishes’, it knocked me on my ass! In bed the day of, literally unable to move and unable to attend the party. That weekend was spent in bed. And it was something I definitely needed.

Then came the whirlwind of family activities that included Christmas Eve at Patty’s and Christmas Day with the Rents.  For once that was mild. I was kindly excused from attending the normal midnight craziness at my Grandmothers, (thank you Mom).  Then shortly after I said goodbye to my husband as he flew across the country to go pick up my son. Been doing nothing but cleaning and preparing for his arrival. Then Misrule! Wow… That was one crazy evening. From Catfish to tentacles and other things which shall remain nameless it was a true evening of misrule! I think we did Saturn proud!

I rang in the new year with my son and family beside me, but my husband and other son hundred of miles away. First time we weren’t together on bringing in the new year. But, it shows me that this year is a time of many changes and much more exciting things to come.

Happy New Year!


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