Healing and Loving Bath Salts

Healing & Loving Bath Salts

I wanted to make something special for my friend’s birthday. She has the kindest heart and is so giving. Sometimes she forgets about herself. So, I decided to make some Healing and Loving Bath Salts.

Healing & Loving Bath Salt Ingredients:

  • 3 kinds of salt (Epsom, Sea and Pink)
  • Blended Oils – that include Rose
  • Rose Petals
  • 1 Heart shaped Rose Quartz

All the ingredients I’m using are great for cleansing away negativity while it protects, heals and encourages love of self.

Good to make on a Friday night. Waxing or Waning doesn’t matter, just know your focus.  Empower and awaken the ingredients. Then mix together with a bit of loving intent. Say a little chant, prayer or sing a song that makes you feel loving.

Use: As a scrub – on base of the skull, stomach and heart area. But, can be used everywhere. As a bath – one to two scoops in warm bath water.

When to use: After having a difficult day at the office. Or if you’re feeling negative about yourself.  I would highly recommend lighting  votive candles with a bath and make it a special night all about you!


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