A Week In My Life

I’m really bad at capturing snip-its of my life. When I look back at my journals, I found that most of what I wrote were pages and pages of shit that sucked. For years I’ve used my journal as a source of venting, but never a tool to also talk about the wonderful moments in my life. If you were to stumble upon my diaries, which I hope no one ever does, you would think the journals belonged to a  hopeless soul that did nothing but analyzed herself to death criticizing everything about herself.  So, yes that’s still me, that part exists, but I promise there have been wonderful happy moments too. I no longer want to use my journal as a venting tool. Though I think in the past during the most difficult moments in my life it most certainly helped. But, I just realized, that’s probably why there are huge gaps in my journals. During the times in my life that were good, I didn’t write. I want to capture both. So, I’m going to try it again, A Week In The Life, an Ali Edwards project.

Reading the first post that Ali suggests, The Basics of Documenting…, I need to get organized and work on some daily activities:

  • Take Photos | Upload photos (Probably once a week)
  • Write Notes | Journal
  • Designate time to work on my book.

To accomplish these tasks, I need supplies…

  • (x) Binder (8.5 x 11 or 12 x 12)
  • (x) Camera (Phone & DSL – Wishlist a cheapo fun point and shoot)
  • (x) Something to capture notes (Needs to be travel-able)
  • (x) Ink and Photo paper for the printer
  • (  ) Organize Digital Files for quick reference – this might take a bit of time.
She has a great pdf download that helps you with documenting your life. But, it’s a little too detailed for me. So, I’m going to come up with prompts I’d like to include.
Things to make…
  • (  ) Pre-made Blank Notes (All ATC sizes, All 4×6, Mix of ATC & 4×6)

And so this project begins…


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