Zink Manipulation No. 3

Emulsion Lifts… Part 1

I decided to try my hand at the emulsion lifts. First try wasn’t successful, the second try was better. But, I think I’ll need to practice a bit more. Not loving the turquoise and pink. I’m not a big fan of pink. However, I see potential.

Original Image

Following the video I soaked the image in water for about 35 minutes. The video shows them drying the image with a hair dryer. I do have a hair dryer but not a small one. I play with with stamps, so I used what I had available in my ‘tool kit.’ So, I used an embossing heat gun. The thing about the heat gun is that it has a small point where the heat exits. And it’s more concentrated heat in one area. It also gets hot very quickly. And of course I didn’t really consider this until the image started to bubble. But, I have to admit I did like the way the image looked. In fact I was debating whether or not I should go through with the lift.  Below is the bubbled image.

Image After Heat Exposure

The emulsion is pretty thick, but it being so dry it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be to pull apart. The layers of pink and blue were stuck together in some areas. But it really offered for interesting results.


Is there anyone out there with suggestions?


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