Zink Manipulation No. 2

I’ve been thinking about the manipulations all day! I decided to try something a little different. The order in which I manipulated the image. Rather than rough up and then soak, I did soak then dry then rough up. I used acetone and alcohol.

This is the original image that was cropped for Instagram.

And below are the two manipulated images.

Manipulation No. 2

The one above is the one with acetone and the one below is the one manipulated with alcohol. As you can see there is a slight variation to the alcohol and the there is a huge difference in color with the acetone. But, honestly this time I got a little crazy and really soaked more of the acetone. Right now I have an image soaking in water. I’ll post the results up tomorrow.


Polaroid Pogo

Several years ago I saw the Polaroid Pogo. I wanted it then, but there wasn’t much reason for me to invest into a little printer that was 100+. But, lately I’ve been searching for something new and fun to play with. I ran into the Pogo Manipulation video and I was hooked! So, yes I bought the little printer. Being that it’s been several years since the initial release the price has gone down quite a bit. The little printer cost me only $40 from Amazon.

At first printing didn’t come as easy as it should. I have a Droid Razr, but it didn’t recognize the printer at first. My mistake, I didn’t let it fully charge. Then you have to click the power button and make sure both lights are green. The Droid should at that point recognize the printer. Then from there it was like magic. A small tiny print in hand.

Manipulation Experiment No. 1

Original Photo

I took the original photo and decided to try my hand at the roughed up paper with acetone manipulation first. I did similar to the video, I roughed up the paper with sandpaper. Then I took a cotton ball with acetone and went over the paper. I roughed it up some more and did a second coat of acetone. And these are my results….

Manipulation No. 1

I like the results.  On to more manipulations!


I Am A Fashion Disaster

I’ve never been good at putting things together. I’d prefer to be comfortable, sweats, jeans and a T-Shirt are my go to’s. And when I have to dress up, I end up looking horribly wrong. I’m old now… well no longer in my early 30’s. I figure I need to get a grip on this.  About 7 years ago I started what became be to several years of constant hospital visits. At the time I was taking prednisone. This stuff is horrible, but it kept me alive, so I’m not going to complain much about it. But, one of the side effects is weight gain. I was off it for almost a year and during that time, I was able to lose 20lbs. But, I got lazy and I easily gained it back. I haven’t tried to lose weight since, until now. So, here’s my commitment.

I will get healthier and lose weight, (20-30 lbs) and I’m going to give myself this gift! Help in the fashion department!! I need to learn how to look nice, a new look AND a little reward for my accomplishment!

Wardrobe Remedy to the Rescue!! I will be a new me by January!!