Searching For Inspiration

I’ve been itching to play with paint and rubber stamps. I started cleaning up my stash and fixing how I had them organized. They were still stacked up the way I had left them years ago. As I started organizing, I noticed that the UMS mounted on EZ Mount were no longer clinging. I had a few of stamps also left in drawers, those don’t cling either. I was pretty bummed. I spent a lot of money on EZ mount. This happened once before. When Sunday Int. came out with the first line of EZ Mount, the cling lost it’s cling right away. And years ago I approached Sunday Int. and had told them that my cling mounts were no longer clinging. At that time they told me that the new and improved EZ mount were better than the old ones. So, I spent a lot of money again buying the new and improved EZ mount. And they did exactly what the old ones did. Stopped working. I did contact Sunday Int. who is now Crafter’s Companion. I missed their call. I’ll call them again on Monday. I’m hoping that they’ll be able to help. I think I should have stuck to Halos. If it can’t be fixed, I wasted a lot of money. I think I’ll be redoing everything. Until then I have to figure out how to store them since they’re falling off.

But, I’m not going to let that discourage me. I finally have some inspiration I’m going to feed it. I took a little trip to a few minutes away from home to a place called Zinnia. Now this is my kinda of store. Filled with nick-knacks, lots of ephemera and tons of supplies for a mixed media artist. They made it easy to find those hard to find pieces.  Now I just need to start sketching out some things and making myself a list to go shopping.

Inspiration, I can feel it brewing.


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