Vegetarian, What?

Ringing in the new year really brought a lot of changes for me. I started a new job, my niece was born and I got really sick. The first day of the year I ended up really sick. I couldn’t eat anything. So for days I ate crackers. I’ve been sick like this before or when I had the flu couldn’t really eat anything just crackers and bland foods. So, after a few days I started reintroducing things back into my diet. I ate rice porridge which is a common thing my family gives to people who are sick. It’s basically potatoes, rice, chicken and ginger. It was an awful experience. I went back to crackers. The next day I ate some veggies which turned out fine. So later that night I decided to eat chicken again. Didn’t turn out too well either. After much trial and error, two weeks later, I came to realize that my body wasn’t digesting meat too well. So, I headed to the doctors, to find out what’s going on. After all the fun tests, the results came back negative. I’m perfectly healthy, there should be no reason why my stomach hurts when I eat meat. But it does. So, the doctor recommended that I go on a Vegetarian diet for a little bit and slowly start reintroducing meats back into my diet.

I’m Filipino. Most, if not all, our meals include some type of meat in it. Even the vegetable dishes have something with meat in it. I have been raised eating meat. Eating Vegetarian is an alien concept for me. But, it’s something I have to do. Especially, if I want to get back to eating normal.

I picked up a book called Living Vegetarian for Dummies. It’s actually a pretty good book. It goes into a lot of things that are important. Now I’m not as worried as I was before about making this change. I’ll be eating some dairy and fish, So, I guess technically I am a lacto ovo pescatarian. Not sure if that’s right or not, but it’s a first try.

All this week I’ve been eating out. I wasn’t prepared for this. Because this is a new thing, I haven’t wrapped my head around the concept of how I should be making my meals. That means, this weekend I have to start menu planning.

Here are some links to some menu planning printables I’ve found:

Not sure which one I’ll use, but it’s a start.



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