Vintage Calendar Journal

I’ve been looking for a baby journal to give my brother and his wife for their newborn child. I thought it would be fun to keep something like that for them. I always go searching for great finds over at Lula Mae’s. I love that store! But, they didn’t have any baby journals on hand. The owner suggested a 5 year Perpetual calendar journal instead. I loved the idea, but every 5 year calendar I found had only 1 or two lines to write and it was always this ugly looking book.

While searching for fun DIY projects on Pinterest I found this great little project called DIY Project: Vintage Postcard Calendar Journal

This was a great idea to something I have been searching for. I’m so glad there are wonderfully creative people who share their ideas!! This will be my weekend project! Also if you read the comments, one reader shared a link to anthropology for ceramic baskets. I’m pondering the use of those instead. But, I want to complete it this weekend. I don’t think I can wait for it to be delivered.  If you’ve created this I’d love to see what you’ve done. Please post links to your images in the comments section.

A note about Lula Mae’s: This store is so unique and they carry some of the most interesting gift items. I can always find something fun for the house, the office and for gifts. I will go shopping there at least once a month. I always find something wonderful. In fact I have to go back when they get their new supplies of vintage poison bottles.  Great store, wonderful owner and employees. You will always walk out with a smile and great items!


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